Three months ago, few could have predicted that society would look as it does now. Schools are closed, movie theaters have shut their doors, and we have all been forced to adjust to a life with little interaction with the outside world. While these are difficult times, indeed, life must go on for the entrepreneurs who haven’t yet been obliged to throw in the towel.

Although it seems like life all around us is slowly crumbling, food has served as an incredible source of comfort to so many. Many restaurants are nobly up and running, trying their best to keep their head above water as they provide crucial services to customers near and far. But how can you be sure your restaurant is equipped with all the tools you need to thrive as COVID-19 uproots our normal way of life? If you are a hopeful restaurant over, arm yourself with these 3 things to give yourself a fighting chance at coming out of COVID-19 relatively unscathed.

A simplified menu.

Current mandates may have caused many restaurants to halt their dine-in services, which is a big blow, in and of itself. Since this may have inevitably led to a decrease in staff and/or hours, it’s important to practice efficiency as you operate, which may mean a simplified menu filled with your popular offerings. If it will save you time and trouble, don’t be afraid to axe some of the more labor-intensive, ingredient-heavy items on your menu. Stick to the basics, or offer special combos or family platters to make things at least a little bit easier for your customers. Anything you can do to make ordering with you quick, convenient, and affordable for families will go a long way.

Online ordering.

Curbside is the weapon of choice for restaurants still in the game during Coronavirus, but this can come with its own unique set of problems if you are not properly prepared.

Do you have a system in place for busy phone lines? Will you have one employee designated for phone duty while everyone else scrambles to fulfill orders and hand them off to customers?

Online ordering is the best way to keep your operations streamlined during times of trouble. If your website doesn’t have these capabilities, Facebook Messenger is the next best thing. With this, you can promptly answer frequent customer questions, offer your menu for download, and yes, take orders, so even while you’re up to your elbows in tasks, the order will be right there waiting once you’ve got a second to breathe.

Multiple delivery services.

Apps like Favor, Doordash, and GrubHub have revolutionized the way the world does take-out, and these services have proven exponentially more valuable during the time of COVID-19. If you don’t currently have a partnership with a food delivery app, now is the time to do so. And you don’t have to limit yourself to just one, either. Sign up for as many as possible, and pay close attention to the ease of use and feedback you’re getting for each one. Different platforms carry different fees, some much higher than others. You might be alienating your customers if you choose to remain loyal to the wrong one.

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