Social Media Marketing World 2017 was one for the ages!

What a week! This past week the Triggers Media team had the opportunity and pleasure of joining over 3,000 marketers and influencers at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, California. It was a week of jam-packed sessions, networking events, and fun as we dove into the ever changing trends of social media marketing.

The days were broken up into sessions that followed different tracks for the various pillars of social media marketing. From content creators to traffic and conversions junkies, attendees could pop in and out of sessions in the beautiful convention center in downtown San Diego.

One of our favorite sessions was with Nathan Chan of Foundr Magazine. Nathan Chan is an entrepreneurial success story. He quit his 9-to-5 and created one of the most popular digital magazines in the world named Foundr. His success story is an inspiration to us all and listening to his advice was motivating. Here are our five favorite takeaways from his session on how to build a company from scratch.

Number One: Focus and Start Small

Focus on only one channel & focus – get very good at it In the world of many different social media platforms it’s easy to feel like you should be on all of them. Don’t! Focus on getting good at one platform. Whether it’s email, blogging, instagram, facebook, or the slew of others…take one step at a time.

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. It means saying no to the 100 other good ideas.” Steve Jobs

Number Two: Have a Unique Value Proposition

One of the most important part of you business plans, your Unique Value Proposition is the one thing that separates you from the competition. In Nathan’s words, you don’t not want to be a “me too” company. What makes your business different? What makes it unique? What’s the thing that your competition can’t copy or mimic easily?

Number Three: Be Consistent

When posting content for your business, be very consistent. Develop rules for you and your company and stick to those. If you’re writing a weekly blog, pick a day that the blog comes out and stick to it. If you are posting on social media channels, develop great content and have a schedule set for when posts will go out.

Number Four: Branding and Design are Key

Develop a brand that builds trust and conveys quality. When customers are choosing a product, it’s often the product with the better logo, better design, better branding that beats the competition.

Number Five: Move the Free Line

If you’re trying to attract customers, you have to be willing to move the “free line.” Make some of your best content free. Your customers will realize the amount of value your free products have and associate the price of your paid products with the quality of the content you have already provided. A free chapter of your ebook, recipes, checklists, and other digital products could be great lead generators for your business. Think about what your target audience really wants and use the freemium model to provide tons of value to convert them to loyal customers using these sales funnel techniques.

Bonus: Nathan Chan

After the session was over Nathan stepped off stage and answered any and all questions people had for him. We got him to talk to us about coworking, (Foundr is located in a coworking space in Australia), outsourcing, and more.