Ross Geller was really onto something when he stressed the importance of the “pivot.” When it comes to marketing, pivoting is the single most important thing a business must do if they are hoping to stay relevant in a digital world that changes so rapidly and with such conviction. 

And so, whether you are a business owner, agency owner, or everyday social media user, the learning never stops. Here are a few tips to help you adapt in 2022.

Embrace the hybrid event.

For a magical moment in time last year, it seemed the world was at last on the brink of a return to normalcy. Unfortunately, we aren’t quite there just yet. 2022 is projected to see more events embracing a hybrid format that bets big-time on virtual attendance. 

To be clear, in-person events are here to stay. They are, after all, superior in terms of creating an immersive environment conducive to true connection among peers. But the option of accessibility is attractive in today’s day and age of uncertainty, and giving people the option to attend events both online and in-person seems like a safe bet for everyone involved. 

After embracing the potential of hybrid events, businesses are then bound to spend big money on awareness via digital ads. If you plan on hosting a large event in 2022, it helps to anticipate this expense when setting your ad budget for the new year.  

Invest in good content.

There is no disputing the value of good content when it comes to rankings. Google continues to prioritize reader-friendly, evergreen content that stands the test of time; and if you still aren’t investing in creating it, you are doing your digital presence a disservice. 

Not only will 2022 be more of the same leg-up for good content and SEO, but marketers will also be paying close attention to how to best integrate voice-command preferences in this content. A growing number of voice-assistant users are conducting searches through their phones or other devices and therefore, businesses that factor this in when optimizing content can improve their search performance and traffic in the new year.

Realize the perks of personalization.

There was a time when personalization in marketing was an aspiration. Now, in order for personalization to be effective, it has to go to lengths beyond a first-name email. This is where data is key. To create an increasingly personalized experience for your audience, you’ll need to send them the right message and make sure it’s delivered at the right time via the right platform. And it can’t be just any message, either. It’s got to be one they care about. The sooner you learn to leverage the data you have to create a personalized experience for your audience, the sooner you can form the type of bond that results in the type of lifetime customer loyalty every business craves. 

Unpolish to perfection.

Real life is rarely perfect. It’s messy, raw, and filled with moments that aren’t reflective of your best self or your best work. While plenty of large companies spend millions to secure the best of the best in terms of video and voice technology, the truth is that your average audience may be interested in the unpolished first draft, too. Unpolished content is more effective than one might think when it comes to engagement, and while there is definitely a massive space in marketing for beautiful, professionally-shot content, don’t underestimate the power of keeping it real with your audience. 

Consider content streaming.

Streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu rose to fame out of a collective need for convenience. Other industries are hoping to hop on this trend too, and this has the power to change the world for the better. How? Through widespread education. Whether to broadcast entertainment or educational content via podcasts, a live-action series or Stories segment, some large companies have found the best way to connect with their respective audiences is through their own broadacasting channels— where they always control the narrative. 

Move toward the Metaverse.

Zuckerberg and Co. really thought they were onto something with the introduction of Meta. But as any Black Mirror viewer can attest, the concept is as old as the internet itself. Yet despite the “been there, done that” aspect of it, there is real money to be made in terms of VR and this gradual yet inevitable transition to digital parts unknown. Take some time to educate yourself and keep privy regarding the latest news about this booming industry. Who knows – the opportunity of a lifetime may be just a few clicks away.

Always give back. 

It seems if there were ever a time where mankind could use a little kindness, it’s modern times like the ones we are living in now. For this reason and so many others, businesses will continue to invest in charitable partnerships and spreading goodwill throughout the community. Finding a local non-profit organization you care about, align with and hope to grow with, and investing time and effort to harvest this partnership will not only enrich your personal life, but it will help you build the type of long-term connections that will help you grow professionally, too. 

If you’re ready to get started on the path to better marketing this year, the team at Triggers is ready to help.