There’s no denying the power of social media, especially when it comes to branding. Companies like Wendy’s are capitalizing on the general public’s love of sass and sarcasm, with more brands following suit on the quest to be relatable. Long gone are the days of print ads and television commercials. These days, an increasing amount of brands are turning to social media, putting the majority of their ad budgets into Facebook ads, Instagram and Snapchat Stories, and video production.


There are definitely a few benefits to social media advertising. Some of these include:

Instant Gratification

Social media users want content, and they want it now. While print, television and radio ads can take days or weeks to be finalized, social media posts are instant, with the potential to reach thousands of people with a simple tap.

Inexpensive Clicks

Facebook is more cost effective than Youtube, which is why brands are allocating more of their budget into high-quality video and verbiage. In fact, Facebook and Google, combined, account for 2/3 of all digital advertising. If you’ve got advertising money to burn, you should be using it where it counts the most.

Changing the Message

New product? New store opening? New dish? Whether you’re a local boutique, a restaurant or a grocery store, having the freedom to switch up your message with just a few clicks is vital to the success of your business. This keeps your content fresh and interesting, leaving your audience always wanting more.

If you have a business in the RGV, marketing is just one important aspect of your operations. From inventory, to customer service and managing staff, there may not be enough time in the day to give your social media presence the attention it needs to thrive. And while the concept of social media marketing may seem insignificant to a successful business, ignoring channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are doing your brand a huge disservice.

In a competition-heavy market like the RGV, marketing is too important to be ignored. A boost in social media presence may be all you need to reach a customer base you never even dreamed possible. At Triggers Media, we handle all aspects of your social media to ensure your message is seen, when and where it’s needed most.