The term “bots” is becoming increasingly popular among social media jargon. But what are they? What are they for? And how did they become the hottest new thing in social media marketing?

Here’s a breakdown of how Facebook Messenger bots can help you effectively and efficiently connect with your customers:

What are they?

They’re bots, and they’re revolutionizing the way companies do customer service. With 1.2 billion Facebook Messengers worldwide, the possibilities for customer relations have never been greater. Literally.

What do they do?

Running a business is hectic, and bots are just one way to streamline your customer communication services. This leads to better productivity and customer satisfaction at once. It takes manpower to manage the influx of customer comments, complaints and questions associated with any business. Facebook messenger bots eliminate the need for constant vigilance. These automatic messaging systems rid business owners of the back and forth hassle that often comes with addressing simple customer concerns, comments and inquiries, which can be unpredictable and, at times, never-ending.

In a competition-heavy market like McAllen, social media marketing and customer relations are as important as ever. And with the ever-present threat of the next best thing, your company can’t afford to lag behind in customer relations. Or any aspect of their business, for that matter.

It’s become quite clear that Facebook is hell-bent on turning the modern day consumer onto Facebook Messenger in lieu of phone calls or e-mails. The company’s Messenger Platform 2.0 allows for this with new features built just for businesses, like Chat Extensions and Smart Replies.

According to Facebook VP of messaging products David Marcus, who spoke about bots at this year’s F8 conference, a number of businesses are already reaping the rewards of Messenger bots, which take form in increased sales, bookings, and productivity, to name a few.

Will your business be next?

Triggers implements a slew of social media strategies to place your business ahead of the rest. Contact us (through Facebook Messenger, ironically) to learn more about what we do and how we can help you get noticed in the McAllen social media marketing game.