Triggers goes Facebook Live


Facebook’s algorithm change is spelling big trouble for some users. On the content chopping block are pages like business pages, and posts that don’t really bring any true value to the table (we’re looking at you, meme pages). And while Facebook’s goal of a more rewarding user experience is noble, it won’t do much good for pages who have previously gotten by on the bare minimum. To navigate this new algorithm unscathed, you’re going to need to rethink your current strategy and take steps to make improvements.

One big improvement you can make?

Go. Live. More. Often.

There are endless benefits to going Facebook Live. Aside from the nifty little notification your followers will get, going Live is the perfect outlet to give your audience some true value. Once you decide to go Live, and have picked the perfect topic to go Live about, you’re ready to get the ball rolling on what will become your new favorite social media marketing tool.

Here are a few wise tips to get you started:

Build Anticipation

People love a good teaser. Movie trailers are proof of this. If you plan on going live, don’t be afraid to let your followers know ahead of time. Building the hype may be just what you need for a good turn-out once you start streaming.

Ensure a Strong Connection

Going Live doesn’t have to be a big production, but you should make sure you’re ready before you push the button. Make sure your internet connection is strong. The only thing worse than not going Live at all, is going Live with a bad, disrupted connection that leaves your followers frustrated.

Create Compelling Descriptions

Make sure your video description is a good one by creating compelling content that draws your audience in. Your video description is just one way to cause a stir. Tell your audience what you will be talking about, and why they should care.

Engage Your Commenters

A call to comments in your Live video is essential if you’re hoping for engagement. Asking your viewers questions, sharing personal anecdotes, or encouraging feedback are all good ways to promote interaction.

Personalize Your Interactions

Comments and interaction are more important than ever in the face of Facebook’s most recent algorithm update. Personalizing your comments, referring to your audience by name, and responding to each and every one will go a long way in showcasing your approachability.

Go the Extra Mile

It can be tempting to hop on Facebook Live for a few short minutes of one-on-one time with your followers. It’s important, though, to make sure your Live videos contain true substance. Don’t be afraid to go Live for longer. Broadcasting for longer periods of time can help you reach more people, and can be a great opportunity to connect with your users and provide information that they’ll truly appreciate.