Brands change over time, just like people do.

They improve.

They mature.

They change direction.

It’s important, though, for a brand to firmly establish a foundation in terms of marketing material, and to commit to it for the long run.

Marketing exists for a very specific purpose: getting your brand noticed. Once you’ve determined what your brand stands for on a broad level, you can then get down to the nitty-gritty, and hash out the specifics about your brand’s visual identity, including graphic design and other creative aspects of your brand. Establishing a visual identity so strong that your business becomes instantly recognizable should be a goal for every business, especially new ones.

Here are a few things to consider when conceptualizing your brand’s visual style guide:


Establishing a solid visual identity requires some creative soul-searching, and designing a logo is one of the biggest creative undertakings your brand will face. Take into consideration your target audience when you’re deciding on a logo, and be sure not to over-complicate things. Your goal is to be instantly recognizable, after all.

Color Palette

People flock to visuals that are aesthetically appealing, whether photos, posters, or logos. As such, it’s important to consider the psychology of color when establishing a color palette for your brand. Colors and emotions share a special correlation, and keeping your customer in mind will help you establish which direction you want to go with this. Opt for three of four colors that represent both your brand, and the anticipated feelings of the people you hope to attract.


A simple Google search will turn up an endless number of fonts to choose from. Finding a unique font isn’t an issue. But finding one that’s timeless is. Selecting a brand font that is uncomplicated and easily recognizable can go a long way in the manner your message is received.

Photography and Visuals

The buck doesn’t stop at logos and fonts, though. You’ll also need visuals in terms of creative backgrounds, photography, icons and textures. Keeping these in an easily accessible place, like a Dropbox folder or Google drive, will make the process of compiling your marketing materials that much simpler.

Creating a legitimate visual style guide will help keep your brand’s visual identity in tact, even as you grow in the coming years. One that navigates the ins and outs of your brand’s visual identity will help others, like designers and marketing teams, unmistakably replicate the essence of your brand, exactly how you’ve always envisioned it.

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